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Monday, May 2, 2016

Photographing Jewelry: A Bead Board Wall

I really like taking pictures of jewelry on white backgrounds for a cohesive look to my Etsy shop. I wanted to be able to incorporate beautiful shots of jewelry on a dress mannequin (I call mine 'Sally') to add interest to my landing page and to show the piece as intended to be worn. My husband built our home with beautiful five panel wood doors which photograph nicely, but just didn't look correct with my other cover photos...

See what I mean? Beautiful wood in a style that definitely suits my brand, but stands out like a sore thumb when displayed on a page full of bright white closeups. I will definitely continue photographing in front of our doors for social media, blogging, etc., but wanted something with a little more style than a plain white wall for cover shots. I decided to look for bead board (or wainscoting) as it is was a staple design in Victorian architecture. There are many options for printed vinyl backgrounds which are perfectly suitable for a photography studio or for portability. I wanted something a little less expensive, but still nice and easy to stow in my workshopish studio.

I ended up finding a nice short piece of wainscoting and asked the hardware store to cut it down to a square size. Here you see it propped on top of a small typing table and makeup case. Simple, easy and less than $15 total! I like how I can still use my door, then swap in the bead board for a brighter, white option.

Happy photographing!

P.S. Scarves look great for my crochet pattern listings as well. Love it!


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