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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Build a Line Challenge 2016 - The Journey Progresses

Art Nouveau Necklace by Gorges Fouquet Jewelers, Designed by Alphonse Mucha
Circa1905 (photo via Project Wedding)

When I started the B'Sue Boutiques Build a Line Challenge (BALC) 2016, I discovered relatively quickly my design influences lie in the beautiful, undulating designs of the Art Nouveau movement, yet I am also drawn to the simplicity found in Arts and Crafts designs. Many of the colors used at the turn of the 20th century are soft and mutable, like the colors found in nature from which both artistic movements find their roots.

Arts & Crafts Necklace by W. H. Haseler Jewelers, Designed by Archibald Knox
Circa 1902 (photo via Victoria & Albert Museum)

One of the most enlightening exercises we undertook in this portion of the class was to spend time learning about designers and their influences in the better part of the twentieth century. I was amazed to find the spirit of the Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts movements carried on in designs by the likes of Miriam Haskell and Coro. I also enjoy beautiful Victorian mainstream designs and their ornate patterns. Modern designers like Alexander McQueen carry elements of Victorian design in their lines today.

Alexander McQueen Spring 2016 Collection, Coro Rhinestone Necklace, Miriam Haskell Demi Parure
Photos via Vogue, Treasures of Grace, and Aged and Opulent Jewelry

At this point in my jewelry career, I feel very confident in sourcing and selling antique/vintage jewelry on a small scale. I am developing jewelry making skills and would consider myself to be a 'hobbyist' with aspirations to grow my business into a full scale design and production venue. I truly enjoy the detail found in beautiful antique pieces and am honored to carry some of the thought processes of those who have gone before me into my first line. With All Jeweled in White, my initial focus is on simple design with a definite nod to the past. I am using high quality components in rich antique brass, Czechoslovakian crystals and glass pearls along with a few fun surprises like silk Sari ribbon and a new patina I am developing. Simple, yet elegant, All Jeweled in White is my step into the 'maker' category of a jewelry business.

A Few Components for All Jeweled in White

This is the second in a three post installment for the BALC 2016 blog hop (post 1 is available here). Our next post will be April 1, 2016, so please stop back for a visit.


BALC 2016 Blog Hop

Be sure to visit the talented students in the BALC 2016 class. I am amazed at the amount of work these talented ladies have been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time.


My Jewelry Logo

I am learning so much in our BALC class this year. One of the suggestions I really like is signing pieces we make. The name 'Vintage Cravens' and the distressed Cross have been with me since the beginning. I wanted something simple for jewelry tags and hand signing, so I decided the VC initials and Cross were the most important things to me as a brand statement.

Of course, when I looked at my new simple logo in conjunction with my Etsy shops, I realized I needed to update the headers there as well as on social media to convey my new logo. I ended up with the combination of text, logo and design elements above. I like how the design gives an 'antique' feel, yet still modern with the placement of my logo in the center.

Here's to new frontiers!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Organization Station!

I am so happy my Akro-Mils organizer unit arrived today! Reasons why I like this cabinet:

  1. It is made right here in Akron, Ohio.
  2. It is small enough for me to store on my shelving unit or move over to my workbench.
  3. It has a bazillion drawers.
  4. I am now FINALLY able to keep all of the bits and pieces for my new All Jeweled in White line organized and readily accessible!!!
Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

New Shipment of Goodies!

It has been a busy day in the workshop. I'm playing with some patinas for my All Jeweled in White line including something inspired by calcified bronze statues. I put together a few necklaces from my designs as well and am looking forward to being able to share them. In the meantime, here are a few goodies I received from B'Sue today. Some pieces from my order are in the top left corner. Everything to the right of the birds was free - yes FREE! I love B'Sue Boutiques for my supplies.

Happy Saturday!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Definitely a Splash! Robin's Egg Blue, Meet All Jeweled in White!

Grandma's Roseville Planter on My Test Background

Remember Grandma's Roseville planter? Here it is on my freshly painted background for All Jeweled in White! Read on to see what components of my new line look like plus a top secret photo tip!

I couldn't be more thrilled with the robin's egg blue color I decided to test with my new line as a potential backdrop. I love how the pearls, crystals, antique brass and silver look with it. I like it plain, but adding a few well placed props kicks things up a notch. I went through my stash of antique postcards and pulled together several that will work. Here is a good example of one with some of the components I'll be using for my line plus one with my favorite antique book and one all alone.

Some Options With My Test Background

So, what was that photo tip I promised? Well, here it is! One of my favorite things to use to bounce a little light back into photographs is plain old white foamcore propped up with hardware store clips. There are so many ways to make use of the stuff. Simply cut it to shape with a razor blade, attach a clip and you're ready to go. Another thing I've tried is to tape two pieces together to make a nice corner. This is great for bigger things, but is a little unwieldy. In the photo of Grandma's planter, I have a light source coming at about a 45 degree angle from the right plus a single white 'bounce card' on the left the reflect the light back in. That beautiful black background? Yep! Foamcore in black!

Photo Tip: Foamcore and Hardware Store Clips Work Wonders with Light!

Happy Photographing!