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Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Splash of Color for All Jeweled in White?

Photos Courtesy of Color Bakery, Miss Folly, Eye Poetry Photography*

I've started making pieces for my new All Jeweled in White line and have used some of my favorite props for photographing them. I just wanted to do something a little different to make my new line pop. Some of my favorite props for VintageCravens include antique books, silver trays with heavy patina and classic white to show true color. This is my first piece in my new All Jeweled in White featuring a vintage French filigree stamping, glass pearls and crystals. My favorite background in this group is the antique songbook, but the filigree seems to blend in. The silver tray adds a touch of mystery, but again, the piece doesn't stand apart well from the background. White is always a nice choice for jewelry and what I consistently use for my vintage/antique pieces. As I said earlier, I just want something a little different to make this line pop.

All Jeweled in White, French Filigree Necklace & Earring Set

I woke up this morning and remembered this beautiful painting I saw by Heinrich Vogeler. 'Verk√ľndigung an die Hirten,' or 'Annunciation to the Shepherds,' was painted in 1902. I love the blue in the angel's wings, the scene itself and have always related to the shepherds in Jesus birth story. Notice anything else in this painting? I did. The sparkling pearl white snow and Jesus' shining crystal star!

Photo Courtesy of Wiki Commons

I began doing some digging and realized Robin's egg blue was a staple of the Art Nouveau color palette. Inspired by the photos of the Paris doorway and peacock poster above, I began pulling together examples of this beautiful color with white and fell in love. I decided to have a look around our home and pull some of my favorite pieces, old and new, out and hold one of my All Jeweled in White Birds pieces against them. I really like how my Grandma's Roseville pottery planter looks and decided to mix up a batch of acrylic paint to find the right mix.

A Peek at a Piece from All Jeweled in White, Birds Against Grandma's Planter

I'm really happy with the colorway I was able to mix with some blue, green and black paint I had on hand. Mark has cut a board for me and I'll be working on this today. Stay tuned to see how this turns out as a potential photo background for All Jeweled in White!

Happy Saturday!

* Color Bakery Les Paons I Art Nouveau Peacock poster available here, Eye Poetry Photography Paris Door fine art print available here.


  1. I'm sure what you come up with is going to be beautiful, as will be your line. You did a great job mixing that paint. What a perfect match!

  2. Hey Chris, thank you so much for joining us, your knowledge of vintage jewelry is such an asset to the class. I think you have an excellent eye and this line is bound to pop. I can't wait to see what is next for you! Well done!

  3. I love white jewelry. It would make a good bridal line too!